Thursday, August 18, 2011

RDO Camp

The time has come for some rule changes to be tested and looked at. Some rules such as the verification line are completely necessary and seem to make perfect sense for and should be implemented this season. This line is a green line that is three inches into the net and parallel to the goal line. Since the puck has a diameter of three inches, this line would make it easier for video review of goals. If the puck touches this line it obviously is across the goalline and a fair goal. if it doesnt touch the line then it ccantpossibly be 100% across the goalline and so there is no goal scored. I really hope this is brought into the league this season due to the high number of blown calls on goals, or shots that should not have been goals. Some rules, like the potential comeback of the rule allowing the team on the powerplay to have the full two minutes of advantage time regardless of goals scored. This rule was removed due to a high powered Montreal powerplay back in the fifties. Though this rule would be fun to watch for teams that have high powerplay percentages already, it would put teams that have struggled on the powerplay at a clear disadvantage. A team that could not get it done even one time in a two minute powerplay is not going to get it done just because they can score more than once. Teams that depend on their powerplay for offense, and get it, would be top of the divisions and conferences due to this clear advantage to them. I really would hate to see this one make it out alive from the RDO camp. One again a shallower net is being tested and it seems like a pretty good idea, not as good as getting rid of the stupid trapezoid rule which is also being looked into during this years camp. I really cant wait to see what this will hold for the NHL, it should be a great year to be a hockey fan.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

High hopes but questions remain

The Bruins are already looking at having to start defending their hard fought for title of Stanley Cup Champions, and with that title defense approaching there are many lingering questions. First, when will Marchand be resigned or will he ever be resigned? Many fans are waiting for the news that this star rookie has in fact been resigned and will remain in Boston for a long time. With his stellar showing through the entire 2010-2011 season we can only hope he stays around. Another question that is being raised is what can we expect from Tyler Seguin this season? He showed some flashes of brilliance during the regular season and exploded in his first two playoff games for six points. He could be seeing an increase in ice time after showing he can handle playing at the pro level. With the gained experience of the playoffs, especially a very long run like the one seen this past season, he has gotten a taste of what it takes to be a champ and hopefully will carry that attitude forward through his career. Another question is how w much can be expected of new comers Joe Corvo and Benoit Pouliot. Throughout his career Corvo has shown he plays a style suited to playing for the B's. Having contributed to the offense while playing a hard hitting, intense game which what the Bruins really need. Corvo's hard nosed style is the exact opposite of the game that Kaberle played while in Boston. Being less of a hitter, and not used to playing the Bruins style, Kaberle had trouble fitting in and getting into a rhythm. Corvo shouldnt have too many transitional issues coming into the Bruins organization. On the other hand is Pouliot who has not really shown himself to be a great points producer and has shown while playing for the hated Habs that he will take some very untimely penalties. His playoff production has never been that great which is a problem if Chiarelli is looking to replace the loss of Ryder with this addition. Ryder had his own consistency issues but come playoffs was always elevating his game. Pouliot has yet to show that kind of willingness to elevate his game. With the guidance of a coach like Claude Julien hopefully Pouliot will find more of a scorers touch in Boston.   

Monday, July 25, 2011

Looking forward to the new season

We are roughly 70 days off from the first regulat season game of the Big Bad Bruins, and with a pair of new arrivals it should be interesting how the team does. Pouliot may be a shot in the dark based on his previous campaigns but statistics are not everything and Chiarelli has made some great moves of late. On the other hand new edition Joe Corvo should be a great help to an already solid defensive core. With his addition to the team the Bruins have managed to add another d-man who can log big minutes. This will be of great importance if the ultimate shutdown duo of Seidenberg and Chara stay together this fall. With Seidenberg moved up to the top pair the B's there will be a need for someone else to log big minutes on that second pair. The defending cup champs will be going to work this fall and barring any health issues should have a phenomenal season. The team will be back with that same heart and hard hitting attitude that won them the cup this past season and I cant wait to see just how well they do!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Though the Bruins won the Stanley Cup this spring, they still have some concerns going forward. The biggest of these being the powperplay. The bruins finished 20th this past regular season with just a 16.2% wjile on the man advantage. Their showing was yet worse in the playoffs, converting on just 11.4% of their man advantage opportunities. They got through the first round having converted on zero, that's right zero percent of thier powerplays. The problem seems to be a lack of will to shoot on the part of all the players. There is a lot more trying to force plays rather than going for the dirty goals that come off digging in front for rebounds. Of the Bruins remaining roster, there are a few that have powerplay goals. Big Z lead the team with 8 followed by Horton with 6, Lucic with 5, Beergeron with 3 and Marchand with 2. The players who shoot the most seem to be the ones scoring the most. As such we need players to be more willing to pull the trigger with traffic in front from guys willing to get into the dirty areas in front of the net. Rechi was a team leader in the powerplay this past season, tying Nathan Horton with 6 tallies, and that front area was his bread and butter. Replacing his net front presence is going to be impossible but the B's need players to step up and fill that void as best as they can. The more traffic in front on the powerplay the better the chances of the Bruins converting more often.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

great expectations

The Bruins are still riding the high of bringing home the greatest trophy in all of sports, but as the new season approaches it is obvious fans of the big bad b's are expecting a lot of this team. The roster is very much intact from last season with the exception of a few players moving, most notably Kaberle and Ryder. Shane Hnidy was not offered a new contract with the Bruins and Recchi retired. Other than those four players leaving the Bruins will return to defend the cup with the same lineup, leaving B's fans to look at this coming season as a year to repeat the achievements of this past season. The bar has been set and fans are looking forward to another memorable season and far more memorable second rolling rally down causeway street. Whether or not this happens is a question but we will get to watch a great season either way. For now I am going to enjoy all the Bruins in Two games from the 12th until the season starts. Which by the way is 84 days away and counting!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Brad Marchand

As a life long follower of the gritty and talented Bruins, I have decided to create this blog. The puropose of which is to voice my opinions of whats going on with the team, the nhl, and to get other peoples views of these similar interests. This first post is going to focused on one thing, the much needed resigning of Brad Marchand. Here is a young talent that gave the Bruins a spark in the mostly timely ways. He played so well that he should have, at the very least, been nominated for the Calder. He is a player that has a while left in his career and who I suspect will do even better in coming seasons. It is with that in mind that makes me believe it is pivotal that Peter Chiarelli resigns him as soon as possible rather then letting him go to another team.